Roller Coaster Politics


A YEAR OF TWISTS, TURNS AND JUST HANGING ON Almost into the year of a dramatic about face in the White House, the national political conversation still generates surprises on a daily basis. Decisions on health care, tax reform, immigration … Continued

One City, Many Neighborhoods


If you cross the Marys River, bike down Jefferson Avenue or drive up Witham Hill, you will notice more than changes in the landscape. Streets, parks, schools, homes and businesses define the many neighborhoods that make up the city. Some … Continued

More Homeless, Less Resources


What We Actually Know, What Our Leaders Are Doing After two emergency homeless shelters announce shutdowns and the League of Women Voters issues a report on the scale of the homelessness problem, the City Club of Corvallis gathers top city, county … Continued

Being a Muslim Woman in America

Soraya Dean

  Soraya Deen is the founder of the Muslim Women Speakers Movement, and Co-founder of Peacemoms (Promoting Christian Muslim /Dialogue). She is a spiritual activist, lawyer, and author of PEACE MATTERS – Raising Peace Conscious children. Her vision is to create 10,000 VOICES … Continued

Aftershocks: Taking steps toward seismic safety


In the summer of 2015, news of the likelihood of a catastrophic earthquake in the Pacific Northwest leapt into the headlines. Recent disasters in Chile, New Zealand and Japan reinforced the need for readiness. But since then, what have we done to … Continued

Struggle Over Sanctuary


The idea of sanctuary has deep roots in American history. The Underground Railroad of the 19th century and the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s, which sought to protect people fleeing violence in Central America, are just two examples. Sanctuary has … Continued

Updates from Our Representatives in Salem


Gaveling in just after a bitter election season that saw record campaign expenditures on attack ads, Oregon’s 90 legislators will convene this February not only to grapple with a growing slate of issues, but also a projected $2 billion budget … Continued

Advise and Consent


Local elected officials face a daunting list of issues: climate change, mental health, affordable housing, graduation rates, economic development, transportation, and more. To inform their decision making, policy boards depend on thoughtful analyses of best practices, options and projected impacts. … Continued