April City Club – Energy Independence

April City Club

The Road to Energy Independence for Benton County
April 12, 2010
First Presbyterian Church
8th and Monroe
Corvallis Oregon
11:45am  – 1:30pm


Jim Phelps, CSC Energy Action Team,
Carley Lettero, CSC Energy Action Team,
Stanley Florek, Tangerine Solar

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In the Corvallis Sustainbility Coalition community Master Action Plan of 12/15/2009, there is a specific energy independence goal of:


By 2025, Corvallis becomes a net energy producer with 100% of all energy produced being renewable energy.

The process to achieve this goal is being explore by the Energy Action Team. There are many possible strategies to make progress on this goal from energy conservation, power generation, alternative fuel production and solar installations.  What are the issues that come up as we contemplate this goal? How can the community best organize to address energy independence. What are the barriers to implentation of those solutions? How can the Corvallis community lower those barriers?

The Energy Action Team of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is working on these questions and will present their current efforts; then Stanley Florek of Tangerine Solar (Seattle and beyond), will present experience to date with developing community solar energy systems in which "everyone can buy a slice". "

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