Arts and Culture: What’s Happening in Our Community?

Trish Daniels, Corvallis City Council
Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock, Fall Festival Exec. Director

June 14th, 2010
11:45 – 1:30 pm
First Presbyterian Church
114 SW 8th St. Corvallis

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City Club June 2010 – Arts and Culture – 06/14/10

Corvallis and Benton County are home to a wide variety of artists who work in every medium. many of these artists hold down full or part time jobs in order to continue with their art. Various festivals during the summer and fall help these artists show case and market their art, and many are turning to alternative ways of marketing such as the internet in order to expand their market base. In an effort to help the local arts scene, the city of Corvallis has recently authorized a new advisory to, among other things, recomend policies and advise and propose strategies regarding arts and culture for approval by the city council. City Councilor Trish Daniels and Fall Festival Executive Director Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock will be part of a panel to discuss this and other aspects of how arts and culture are faring in our community.

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One Response to “Arts and Culture: What’s Happening in Our Community?”

  1. Pam Van Londen ~ daily painter of landscapes, portraits, and still life

    I am a fellow artist and long-time Corvallis resident. One major consumer decision holding back sales of original art in all US communities is to purchase mass-produced prints available at all department and furniture stores. If local businesses would showcase and sell local artists' work instead of inexpensive copies from China, we would support our creative citizens in a much larger way.
    Pam Van Londen.

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