City Club Nov 9, 2009 – Homelessness: Neighbors w/o an Address

The new Benton County 10 year Plan to End Homelessness offers a guide to understanding this problem in our community and a stategy for how we can enhance livability for everyone who calls Corvallis home. Who are the homeless in Corvallis? How do they impact our community What services exist for them and what gaps remain? Are you a part of the solution?

Jay Dixon, Benton County Commissioner
Richard Donavan, Executive Director, Community Outreach Inc.
Aleita Hass-Holcome, president Corvallis Homeless Shelter Coalition
Jennifer Anbrosius, "Houseless" resident

Location: First Presbyterian Church, 114 SW 8th St.
Time: 11:45-1:30 PM
Cost: City Club members: Free
Non City Club members: $5
First time attendees: Free
Buffet lunch add $10

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