Being a Muslim Woman in America


Soraya Dean
Soraya Dean

Soraya Deen is the founder of the Muslim Women Speakers Movement, and Co-founder of Peacemoms (Promoting Christian Muslim /Dialogue). She is a spiritual activist, lawyer, and author of PEACE MATTERS – Raising Peace Conscious children. Her vision is to create 10,000 VOICES OF HOPE. She brings together Muslim Women and women of all faiths empowering them to resolve conflict, and be effective communicators, social activists and say “YES” to civic engagement. She calls on her community to rethink the central concepts of the Islamic Religion. She also organized the first Interfaith Women’s Leadership conference at the Los Angeles City Hall October 2016. Of utmost importance today is to give power and place to Muslim Women’s Voices. Soraya is a mother of two and encourages women not to stay at the bottom because it is too crowded.



Date: Thursday, March 30

Time: 7 pm

Place: Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

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