Crime in Corvallis: Fact or Fiction?

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12 noon — 1:15 p.m.
October 10th, 2011
Renaissance Building
136 SW Washington St.
THE ISSUE: Crime in Corvallis
We often read or hear about articles acclaiming Corvallis to be very secure and livable community. Does that mean we are safe? Rumors of possible gang-related graffiti circulate along with those about illegal drug activity. The Sept. 26 editorial in the Gazette-Times is titled “Property Crime Among the Biggest Risks in Corvallis.” Yet, on Sept. 16, the same newspaper had an article stating that countrywide, violent crime has gone down a whopping 70% since 1993. Is Corvallis really a safe city? Join our speakers today for an investigation of the issue.
Benton County Sheriff Diana Simpson will give the broad county perspective on the issue and, along with the other two speakers, help to delineate responsibilities of the city and the university.
Corvallis Police Chief Gary Boldizsar will discuss crime trends and clarify terminology, such as “secure” and “safe,” when used to refer to quality of life issues in communities.
OSU Director of Public Safety, Jack Rogers, will share the university’s roles and responsibilities in addressing crime as well as its relationship with the other two represented departments.
To register, send e-mail to Nick Houtman, City Club president,, by October 6th 2011, with “City Club October 10” in the subject line. Attendance is free to all. Lunch is $8 for members and $10 for non-members. Doors open at 11:30 a.m.

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