Homeless in Corvallis

Area nonprofits and the city are currently working to make
long-term decisions about services for Corvallis’ homeless population. As
they grapple with costs, benefits and impacts, the Corvallis City Club has
scheduled a special evening meeting to examine current and possible future approaches
and ramifications.

On November 18 at The Majestic Theatre, doors will open for
a short mixer at 5:00 pm with the discussion starting at 5:30. Attendance is
free, and registration is not necessary. This special event will take the place of the usual City Club monthly meeting. The meeting will conclude by 6:45.
Panelists include shelter operators Gina Vee from Corvallis Housing First, Kari
Whitacre of Community Outreach, Sara Power from Room at the Inn and Ann Craig
from Jackson Street Youth Shelter. Bethany Carlson will also
be on hand; she regularly reports on homelessness and shelters at The Corvallis Advocate.

This meeting will focus on what area shelters currently
offer in Corvallis and their future plans. What sorts of people do each of
these shelters serve? What future plans does each have and how does the county’s
homelessness plan affect them? There will be a time for attendees to pose
questions as well.

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