MAY 9 CITYSPEAK: Holocaust Untaught in Schools, Universal Healthcare, and Livability Levy Vote

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We offer three diverse topics for our next CitySpeak forum, subjects include hate groups and local holocaust education, universal healthcare, and the Corvallis livability levy. There will be one speaker and interviewer for each topic, and audience questions and comments will be welcome.

The forum is scheduled for Old World Deli at 7 p.m., Thursday, May 9. Here’s the program and roster of speakers:

7:00 — Opening remarks.

7:05 — Advocate Reporter Jay Sharpe presents on Oregon hate groups, and failing holocaust education. Sharpe has spent over a year researching, and made national headlines exposing Oregon Representative Mike Nearman and his ongoing ties with racist organizations.

7:30 — Physician Mike Huntington presents on universal health care for all. Huntington is well known in local circles, and is a member of Mad As Hell Docs and Mid-Valley Healthcare Advocates.

8:00 — Mayor Biff Traber presents on Corvallis’ Livability Levy. Measure 2-123 would continue current service levels at parks, the library, and also fund certain social services.

Free to the public, CitySpeak represents a partnership between The Corvallis Advocate, and City Club of Corvallis.

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