CITYSPEAK Q&A: State of the City – Tue, March 8, 6:30 pm

If you’re looking to be heard by city and county officials, or just want to hear them explain how things are around town right now, here’s your chance. Our annual State of the City town hall brings together Mayor Traber, Benton County’s commissioners, and a host of  local agency leaders for an evening – and given the current raft of issues, the timing could not be more prescient.

After two years of pandemic, we are emerging to face decisions about a justice system campus that will impact the community for the next 50 or 60 years, an unprecedented housing shortage, and a growing sense of economic inequity and uncertainty – and the list could go on.

City and County leaders slated to be on hand include:

  • Biff Traber, Mayor
  • Nick Hurley, Police Chief
  • Jef Van Arsdall, Sheriff
  • Ryan Noss, School District Superintendent
  • Xan Augerot, County Commissioner
  • Pat Malone, County Commissioner
  • Nancy Wyse, Board of Commissioner Chair
  • Kate Porsche, City Economic Development Manager
  • Paul Bilotta, Community Development Director (housing)
  • Scott Dybvad, Sustainability Coordinator

Slated for Tuesday, March 8

Starting at 6:30 p.m., the forum is a unique opportunity for Corvallis community members to ask questions on any range of topics having to do with the city or county. Moderators Steven J. Schultz and Emilie Ratcliff are not affiliated with either the City or County.

How to Access CitySpeak Forums

Live on The Advocate’s website or Facebook page, generous time is allotted for questions from the public. If you can’t make the live event, the video will be available on The Advocate’s website and social media pages.

How to Get a Question Submitted

Viewers can submit questions before and during the forum. You can email, message us on social media, or just post your question on one of the social media posts of the event.

During the event, you can still email or message us on social media, and you can also submit your question on the Facebook posting of the live event.

CitySpeak forums are free to the public, and are co-presented by City Club of Corvallis and The Corvallis Advocate. Sponsors include Peak Sports and First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op.

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