Every five years, Corvallis voters are asked if they would like to continue paying added tax dollars for expanded services – and with ballots due in November, that time is again almost us. To help you decide, Mayor Maughan and other city officials will field questions at our next CitySpeak Town Hall.

Corvallis currently imposes $1.07 in added property taxes per $1,000 of assessed value, which pays for extra library hours and programs, and added parks services and maintenance. It also means extra funding for social services programs. City officials are seeking voter approval to continue this optional local levy at the same rate for another five years.

Along with Mayor Maughan, Library Director Ashlee Chavez, and Parks and Recreation Director Meredith Petit will also be on hand to field questions about the upcoming Ballot Measure 2-141.

What the City Livability Levy, Measure 2-141, Pays For

According to the City’s filings for the election, if the levy passes, $480,000 in grants would be directed annually to local social service agencies. 51.9% of the remaining revenue, after that $480,000, would go to the Corvallis Public Library, which would continue its currently expanded open days and hours – and added materials, programs, and outreach. In the first year, that would be $3,137,511.

48.1% of the remaining revenue, after the social services grants, would go to continue expanded Parks & Recreation programs, the Osborn Aquatic Center, Corvallis Community Center, the Majestic Theatre, and Parks services and maintenance. In the first year it would amount to $2,907,789.

In subsequent years, as assessed property values increase, the funding would also increase. Notably, the state caps how much assessed values can increase each year.

CitySpeak Town Hall Slated for Tuesday, October 10

The livestream starts at 6:00 p.m. This forum is a chance for you to ask questions, and drill down into the specifics of what the City is asking for, and their plans for the funding, if voters approve it. Of course, you’re also welcome to just listen in for the conversation. As always, generous time is allotted for audience questions.

How to Access CitySpeak Forums

You can watch this CitySpeak forum live on The Advocate’s  YouTube or Facebook pages, or The Corvallis Advocate website. If you can’t make the live event, the video will be available on The Advocate’s website and social media pages.

How to Get a Question Submitted

Viewers can submit questions before and during the forum. You can email, message us on social media, or just post your question on one of the social media posts of the event.

CitySpeak forums are free to the public, and are co-presented by City Club of Corvallis and The Corvallis Advocate. Sponsors include Peak Sports and First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op.

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