Vital Signs: Effective programs for aging adults


If you missed these presentations, you can listen to them here: Helen Kao (23 minutes) Jason Wallis (17 minutes) As Baby Boomers enter their seventies, educators and health-care professionals are tracking the results of programs intended to help older adults maintain health and wellbeing. … Continued

Scientists’ Warning to Humanity — The rest of the story


Note: The talk described below is available on the City Club of Corvallis YouTube channel.  When Oregon State University professor Bill Ripple and colleagues published a viewpoint article in the journal BioScience last fall — Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A … Continued

Measure 101 — Covering the Oregon Health Plan


OREGON VOTERS will cast their ballots by January 23 in a special referendum on a health-care tax assessment adopted by the State Legislature in 2017. City Club members and area residents will have two opportunities on January 9 to hear presentations and ask … Continued

Innovation in Corvallis — What’s the big deal?


CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE CORVALLIS ECONOMY often bring up a few key factors: innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The community ranks among the top cities in the country for patents and Ph.Ds. per capita. And as the home to a global leader in … Continued

Roller Coaster Politics


A YEAR OF TWISTS, TURNS AND JUST HANGING ON Almost into the year of a dramatic about face in the White House, the national political conversation still generates surprises on a daily basis. Decisions on health care, tax reform, immigration … Continued

One City, Many Neighborhoods


If you cross the Marys River, bike down Jefferson Avenue or drive up Witham Hill, you will notice more than changes in the landscape. Streets, parks, schools, homes and businesses define the many neighborhoods that make up the city. Some … Continued

More Homeless, Less Resources


What We Actually Know, What Our Leaders Are Doing After two emergency homeless shelters announce shutdowns and the League of Women Voters issues a report on the scale of the homelessness problem, the City Club of Corvallis gathers top city, county … Continued